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 Our preschool is located in Guldheden, a child friendly residential area in central Gothenburg.

Outdoor play is one of the important pedagogic activities at our preschool. Scientific studies show that the outdoor environment influences the human "biological clock" which is vital for the immune system. With the exception of extreme weather conditions, the children at our preschool have outdoor play scheduled in their daily activities.

In addition to the accessible outdoor play areas, we are located very close to the Mossen's natural park for frequent adventures and exploration. At our preschool we use nature as a tool to develop aesthetic aspects in children. Our pedagogic goals focus on improving the children’s relationship to the nature by learning to respect and preserve the nature.


We are located very close to the science park - Universium, Museum of World Culture and the amusement park - Liseberg. 


 Indoors and Play Materials 

 At our preschool we have high standards with respect to children’s mobility. We believe that children should be provided with ample indoor space for an active play to explore their imaginations, reflect and learn. Our preschool is well-organized with spacious pathways that enable children to move freely from one activity to another.


At our preschool, there is no compromise when it comes to the exposure to toxic chemicals. It is a general fact that the ambience and the  composition of play materials have an important role in the physical and psychological development of children. Several scientific studies show that, despite the governmental regulations and directives, some of the toys might pose health hazards. 

We have been developing an action plan considering various facts and studies on the safety of play materials. Following our policy, majority of the play materials at our preschool are made of wood and the play materials made of plastics are avoided as much as possible. The very few collection of plastic toys at our preschool would be periodically subjected to review .


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