At our preschool, we follow the Swedish national educational agency's guidelines for preschools (LPFÖ98/10) together with scientifically developed pedagogic activities that are proven to focus on various developmental areas of preschool children.


We believe that learning is a complex continuous process that is influenced and controlled by various factors. An individual, irrespective of being a child or an adult, needs a motivation to learn. At our preschool, we constantly work on creating a motivation to learn through play and exploration together with imagination, curiosity and creativity as the key tools. In short, our pedagogic activities emphasizes on creating an everlasting passion and motivation to understand the existing world and learn new things.


Meticulous planning is essential to achieve our pedagogic goals. Our pedagogic planning considers the following four elements equally: the learner (the child), the teacher, the subject (theme of the month), and the milieu (environment both indoor and outdoor). The pedagogic planning at our preschool is performed by personnel, who are qualified and experienced in early childhood education, along with the management, who are educated in advanced pedagogy and years of experience in scientific research.


Bilingualism at Just like HEMMA preschool is inspired by the outcomes of scientific research which supports that multiple languages can be used at preschools to yield positive developmental outcomes in children.

If you are interested in knowing more about our pedagogic philosophy, please feel free to contact us.


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